Twelve Lemons is a theatre located in Toronto, Ontario. Created by Chandos Ross and Kyle Maenz in their fourth year of their BFA at Ryerson's School of Performance. As their time at the establishment came to a close, they realized they had learned a great many things, but wished to explore outside the university. Feeling like it was time to spread their creative wings, they created this company with the intention of showcasing the next generation of theatre artists, giving them a space to explore, as well as nurturing new art on the Toronto scene.


Chandos Ross

Founder and co-Artistic Director


Chandos Ross is a young artist who dabbles in any and all forms of theatre she can. Set design, props construction, costumes, and now producing. She decided to make this company in an effort to create the sort of theatre she wants to see.


Kyle Maenz

Founder and co-Artistic Director

Kyle Maenz is an up and coming costume designer wth an interest in what creating interesting new works.