A Message from the Artistic Directors

We are all so excited to be working towards our 2018/2019 season, kickstarted by our inaugural production, Rhinoceros. We would like to take a moment of your time, however, and talk about what purpose this theatre company would serve in our communities.

Twelve Lemons is an theatre company with a passion for new, and exciting works, as well as fostering a professional environment for young artists. We are primarily emerging artists and have a special interest in art from alternative perspectives. We look to create theatre which is created and driven by women, LGBT people, POC, and anyone else whose voice is often under represented in the entertainment industry.  We want to create pieces of art which don't simply state a political belief but instead work to show the audience why and how these the belief is important and how it relates to them.

We believe that the artistic merit of a show should come first and that if there is to be a political message it should be derived from the relate-ability of the piece. Not all of our works are centered on political statements but all do in some way try to present a story which is under represented and relevant. The personal is political. Sometimes the most life-changing moments happen when you finally see yourself represented. 

-Chandos Ross and Kyle Maenz