Twelve Lemons


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Look out world! 
Here comes Analiese!

Armed with only her wits and an uncanny knack for getting herself in trouble, Analiese will regale you all with the tales of her life- from octopus heists, to the early days of Youtube, to accidentally getting banned from America. Analiese has been there, done it all. 

Created by Kyra Van Den Enden during her final year at Ryerson's Performance Acting program, catch this fleshed out one-woman show this summer!


Photo credit to Electa Porado

Photo credit to Electa Porado

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Creator's Message


Analeise is a character that is near and dear to my heart.I discovered her in the second year of my undergrad in a mask class taught by Perry Schneiderman.

When I put on the mask that would eventually inspire Analeise I immediately thought “this character has a Russian accent”. The only problem with that was that I could not speak with a Russian accent at the time.


I could not let that stop me! I had already fallen in love. So when asked where her accent came from in a mask improvisation session, I knew saying Russia would not suffice, and so, the only logical explanation was that the character herself did not know where she was from. From that point onward the idea of Analeise blossomed and grew into the woman she is today.

Analeise is about self discovery, the need to fit in and what happens when you just can’t. Analeise suffers from amnesia and does not remember, or know, how to fit in. As a result she learns about the world as she goes without context or prejudice, drawing inspirations from her idol, Audrey Hepburn or was it Holly Golightly? Wait! Is that Cary Grant in her bathtub?

-Kyra Van Den Enden

The performance will happen at 23:10 at Greenside @ Nicolson Square- Lime studio (Venue 209).

The show will run an estimated 50 minutes with no intermission. The venue and the washrooms are both wheelchair accessible. Suggested audience suitability for this show is 14+.


You can purchase tickets here.

General admission: £10.00, with 2for1 and group discounts available!

Concession: £7.50